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The item layout in Oracle is extremely different from other merchandising systems. An added bonus to this feature is that it encourages the item specialist to start thinking in this new model very early on which enhances the change management process at the end of the implementation. – Anne, Independent Oracle Functional Specialist.

The Data Engine Planner in Data Engine Plus – Oracle walks you through all the required fields in Oracle. A Paragon Bridges Business Analyst will guide you through each step of our three step process and help you identify where the required information is located in your data store.

Creating a successful composition requires the following pieces:
  1. Understanding the required fields in Oracle.
  2. Locating where you can find that information in your source data.
  3. Defining any transformation rules before the source data is inserted into the target Oracle tables.



Paragon Bridges is now offering a stand-alone version of Data Engine Planner, to help jump start your project.  Contact us today for more information.  Click HERE to view our marketing presentation.
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