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As companies grow, their systems must grow with them.  Emerging technologies, system upgrades, expansions, or mergers may require companies to move to a different system.   Unfortunately, moving the data from the old system to new is the largest over-looked aspect of the technical project.  For these enormous projects, often times Implementation Partners are called in to manage the installation and implementation of the system.  Paragon Bridges will assist the company and their Implementation Partners with the planning and migration process.

Not only is the sheer enormity of the data movement underestimated in these projects, but the data is, in most cases, not exactly how it needs to appear in the new system. In some cases, it takes the concatenation of data from several original data sources to equal one value in the new system. Once this oversight is discovered during the project, levels of efforts increase and project deadlines slip significantly.

Paragon Bridges specializes in working with the client and implementation partner to create an efficient, configurable and cost effective data migration solution.

Implementation Partners may provide guided spreadsheets and some automation tools but only Paragon Bridges combines the data analysis, transformation, and installation of the data into one easy to use solution.

Data Engine Plus is a complete solution that can be applied to many different types of databases such as Oracle, SAP, Peoplesoft, or Microsoft and to many types of industries such as Retail or eCommerce.

Paragon Bridges is introducing Data Engine Plus – Retail Module for Oracle and the stand alone Date Engine Planner.  If Retail or Oracle is not your target, let us build a solution for you.  Click contact us.

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