Paragon Bridges

The flagship application from Paragon Bridges is the Data Engine Plus – Retail Module for Oracle.  This module is an emerging solution for migrating data to Oracle target applications. This solution will reduce your implementation time, eliminate many significant risks, and decrease costly and time consuming data integrity issues.

Our proven process to successfully implement Oracle solutions is broken down in to six primary stations of the data manufacturing process.


Station 1:  Planning blueprint_sm Station 2:  Manufacture
The Data Engine Planner walks you through all the required fields in Oracle. Your Paragon Bridges Business Analyst will guide you through each step and help you identify where the information is located in your data store. »  Details Exported data files will be imported into the Data Engine Plus receiving docks where the manufacturing engine transforms any necessary records based on the blueprints and the information is available to review, modify and approve. »   Details
Businessman And Businesswoman Using Laptop In Office Station 3:  Assemble Successful business people handshaking Station 4:  Test
The Assemble process is a graphic interface that the Item Specialist uses to view the source data and compares it to Oracle. This interface is used to review, modify and approve all the changes to the data. »   Details This is the final test for the data prepared by the Merchant and Data Engine Plus to be successfully inserted into Oracle.  All failed items with their error conditions are displayed on real-time dashboards. »   Details
Station 5:  Controls paragonDeliver Station 6:  Deliver
Executives, Managers, and Merchants can track their progress and velocity with graphically-rich and mobile dashboards.  »  Details Items are ready to be imported into local installation layers. »  Details