Paragon Bridges
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Moving thousands of records in a short amount of time can be overwhelming.  Without being able to clearly measure progress daily, your project can get away from you quickly.  – General Manager, Paragon Bridges.


A major feature of Data Engine Plus is the ability to track progress via Dashboards.  Three main roles are created for users (Executive, Department Head, and Merchant) , giving them access to the Dashboards appropriate for their role.  Users can track and manage the data migration process at the level that is best suited to their requirements and are configurable to match the customer’s data repositories.

Executive Dashboard

The Executive Dashboard allows for an overall picture of the data migration to develop.  Showing a high, aerial view of the project, the Dashboard allows the Executive to drill down where necessary to pinpoint areas lagging behind in the project.



Department Head Dashboard

The Department Head requires a high level view of the process much as the Executive does.  However, the focus is narrowed to the department(s) for which the Department Head is responsible.  The Dashboard is configured to provide the data normally required by this role, with the ability to drill down to gain more information on pain points.



Merchant Dashboard

The Merchant Dashboard is for the individual user who has been tasked to aid in the data migration plan.  The dashboard provides the progress of the individual areas to which the user has been assigned.  Problem areas are highlighted so that they are easy to identify.  Further drilling down is not a feature of this dashboard as no further granularity should be required.



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