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One of the most painful things about data migration, is migrating it wrong. Once you import information into Oracle RMS its just not that easy to get it out. Making a mistake, cost us months past our deadline. By being able to see in the information in context, BEFORE its inserted into your actual Oracle instance, that will be a huge life saver. Susan, Independent Oracle Migration Specialist.

On a pre-defined frequency the approved items are migrated to the target system. This will be the final test before Data Engine Plus inserts the records into the target database type.

Using the approved import process, the data is migrated to a fully installed Oracle instance. Now your Quality Assurance team and Item Specialists can review the data in context. Once approved, this converted version will be exported from Data Engine Plus factory floor and delivered to your Implementation Partner who will import it into your network or cloud instances.

Oracle Item Maintenance screen

Oracle® Retail Merchandising System 14.1.1 – Item Maintenance

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