Paragon Bridges

Defined simply, innovation is, of course, the introduction of something new. We presume that the purpose of introducing something new into a process is to bring about major, radical change. Process innovation combines a structure for doing work with an orientation to visible and dramatic results. It involves stepping back from a process to inquire into its overall business objective, and then effecting creative and radical change to realize order-of-magnitude improvements in the way that objective is accomplished.  – Thomas A. Davenport, Process Innovation: Reengineering Work through Information Technology, Harvard Business School Press (1993).

Innovation is at the heart of Paragon Bridges.  The creation of Data Engine Plus was born out of the necessity to discard an unproductive process and make something better….a process that solved several business problems while drastically improving productivity and reducing quality issues.  And the spirit of innovation gave Paragon Bridges the insight that this solution could be shared with other partners to help them leverage the same success.

However, we at Paragon Bridges will not stand idle.  We will continue to innovate, and to fine tune our process to help solve the immediate needs of our partners.  Even when we have created a better solution, we will look for ways to improve upon its design and execution.

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