Paragon Bridges

Is your project locked in an epic battle?

Epic battle with light sabers

Your data migration project shouldn’t be a battle of good versus evil.  Yet sometimes we are caught by dark forces such as delays, over budget, and scarce resources that destroy our plans.

Let Paragon Bridges be on your side.  Our ‘Jedi’ experts (ok, they’re really not Jedi’s but they could be), have designed a system to help organize the data migration planning process, expand your army of content contributors, and reduce costly migration errors.

  • Have you imprisoned your experts in crude conference rooms forcing them to wade through hundreds of spreadsheets?
  • Does your data migration phase often slip through your fingers because you’re constantly having to blast out data and re-engineer mapping requirements?
  • Are you having ‘to use the Force’ to get your clients to engage functional subject matter resources to the project?
  • Are your project managers constantly performing ‘Jedi Mind Tricks’ to get migration status updates just to find out that they’re already out dated?
  • Are you constantly rebuilding your ‘Death Star’ err I mean, your data migration tools for every engagement?

Currently available Data Engine Planner for Oracle RMS is a cloud-based easy to use tool to help you:

  • understand the complexities of Oracle RMS
  • improve your mapping accuracy
  • expand participation
  • improve project momentum
  • clarify project status and measure progress
  • standardized process across multiple engagements

Contact us at [email protected] to learn how Data Engine Planner for Oracle RMS or any other channel that is available can help destroy the ‘dark side’ of your data migration project.

This week we drafted our blog in the spirit of the opening of Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens.  At Paragon Bridges our staff has a great sense of humor and enjoys the work they do to help you and your clients.  With that in mind, everyone at Paragon Bridges would like to say,

“May the Force be with You…Always.”

Enjoy the show and have a great and safe holiday.